Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Real Life SIMYP Sightings

I love coincidences.  And I love getting emails from people.  And I love real life (kidding, h8 it!).  So getting an email from a reader that she saw someone from one of the pics on here in Real Life was pretty awesome.  I'll let her describe in her own words:

Hi. This may be a bit awkward, but I feel as though you need to hear this story.

First: I love your blog.  [I left this line in because I'm very very vain. -ed.]


I have a coincidental story involving a gas station, an art show, a 14 year old girl...and your blog.

Back in April, my boyfriend and I went to a wedding an hour south of Pittsburgh, Pa. We stopped at this gas station to get energy drinks because, let's face it: Byzantine weddings are long and boring. There was a girl ahead in line with really awesome white/blue/purple/gray hair, who appeared no older than 14...buying whip-its and Rockstar. Sweet combo, right? Anyway, we trudged on to the wedding and reception, then back to the city for an all night art event. 

Around 2 a.m. my boyfriend's brother's band goes on and out of the woodwork appears...THE GIRL FROM THE GAS STATION. This wouldn't have been as "holy shit" if we hadn't been in the middle of Satan's asshole earlier, but trust was in the middle of nowhere. Gas Station Girl started doing some sweet rave dances with some other prepubescent teens and having the time of her life. For some reason, probably because I'm a cynical bitch who was way jealous of her moves, I wanted nothing more than for this girl to GTFO...I didn't care where or how, I just wanted her out of my line of sight. Much to my chagrin, she wasn't going anywhere. She kept dancing and eating a Ring Pop into the wee hours of the night. 

The next morning I got online to check my Google Reader, which I hadn't done in 1.5 weeks, saw there were some posts from your blog, and promptly blew my load. Now what happens next is going to BLOW. YOUR. MIND.... I got to the post from April 19th and about shit myself: Gas Station Girl was in the photo. At first I thought I was going crazy, but then I checked the Flickr photostream and sure enough...those kids are from the Pittsburgh area. My boyfriend thought I was absolutely crazy and that it wasn't a big deal at all, as he didn't even notice this girl was at either place. 

The universe is crazy and Carl Jung had an inkling when he theorized synchronicity. I hope that story did as much for you as it did for me. Your blog is great.

The pic in question (girl is in foreground, white shirt):


s. said...

That's one hell of a photo set. I dig those kids' enthusiasm on the dancefloor.

I'd like to understand them. What music are they listening to? Trance? Never seen that scene before.

s. said...

I mean this new rave scene that toured Europe a couple of years ago ruined it all by having this immaculate style. These young glowstickers are all about the party. Vulgar as it may be.

Are they on drugs? I guess not, they just wanna impose that they do. fair enough if so.

Anonymous said...

As I'm going through these photos it just looks like they are in a church recreational facility. The only thing that made me finally believe it wasn't in one was the beer in that particularly demonic looking brunette's hand.