Monday, April 4, 2011

My Favorite Person on the Internet

If Myspace was "a place for friends", then Twitter is a really good place for "getting obsessed with people you don't know IRL". And I'm completely obsessed with one particular user, @casualmalexlfan, who never tweets anything about his (or her) real life, just jokes about Xbox, Justin Beiber, stepdads, Jose Canseco, i.e. things that appeal to my interests. I have no idea who this person is, I just know that everything he writes is 100% perfect.

The other day, he posted this photo, which is definitely one of those things that has been around the internet for a while, and I avoid posting those kinds of pics.  But this one is really just SO good, with so many elements I love (Coyote Ugly style bar, projectile vomiting, striped polo shirts) and I feel like I would be not doing my duty if I didn't share this with you all. 

So enjoy.  And take my advice: follow @casualmalexlfan.


Anonymous said...

He looks so casual about puking

Anonymous said...

How can I glean your twitter love, Katie?

Anonymous said...

this really captures the moment before everyone becomes aware that there is a fountain of vomit being unleashed upon the room

ModernWood said...

Let's just try to consider the sheer ambition of this thespian for trying to, I mean it looks just like he' he trying to smoke his own vomit?

Because, minus the upchuck, that's the exact face and finger positioning I exhibit whenever I'm letting loose on a sweet puff.