Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Question the Answers

So, I have another blog with my friend Steve called Bad Question for Yahoo Answers. I was browsing around on Yahoo Answers, looking for stupid questions, and saw this charmer's query. This just seemed more appropriate for this blog instead, since it involves a bad party aftermath:

Is there an easy way to clean throw up?
sorry if this comes off as gross, but i have 5 day old throw up on a rug and it's starting to get fuzz on it because no one is cleaning it up. i have decided to clean it up, but it's Pretty old and have no idea what to clean it up with? any idea's? has any one out their cleaned a week old throw up before. any advice and also it is on the wall? thanks to all in advance. what soap, should I use. ok have a nice day.

Ah, college. Isn't it great when you live a party pad with 8 of your buddies and it's an icy standoff to see who will clean up the barf first?

This guy thinks so:

P.S. sorry if this picture totally grosses you out. It really makes me almost gag too (thank god I learned to subdue my gag reflex completely on a fourth grade field trip to the planetarium)


brendan donnelly said...

have you ever seen the yahoo answer where someone asks "how to get jizz out of cats hair?"
google it.

underagekatz said...

jesus! gah! thanks for posting the apology for grossness AFTER the freaking grossness jerkface!! hahaha

Sarah said...

Dude! Seriously, if you're going to have a photo of someone vomiting, post a warning BEFORE the picture. Never in my life have I wanted to vomit at the site of something on the internet until this moment.

Emperor Justinian said...

Then NEVER go to the "Cup Girls" site.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, try www.twoguysonehorse.com or www.twogirlsonecup.com or for a more balanced view just spend some time at www.muchosucko.com

You'll thank me for not allowing you to be such a pussy :-)

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