Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It Came From Alaska, Part 2.

The following photos were posted by a Flickr user who found a random 1GB memory card along a trail in Denali National Park in Alaska. Now, I know that in theory, there's no difference between going onto Flickr and looking at a stranger's personal photos and going onto Flickr and looking at a photos that were posted by a third party who found the memory card - either way, you're looking at a stranger's photos - does it really matter if it was a third party or the guy himself who uploaded them? In a sense, all the photos on Flickr might as well be on memory cards found on a trail in Alaska.

Yet, there's something different. What do you think the guy who found the card thought when he first looked at the photos? The whole set is pretty funny - and apparently some of the more salacious photos ("The selection put up has been censored for the safety of whoever the girls might be who may have made some bad decisions"). Do you think the guy who lost the card is really upset that he's missing his memory card full of precious moments? Who was this rougish, beer-pong-loving ladies man? Most importantly, was the card owner the guy who peed his pants?

View the full set here.


Movie Maven said...

There's a happy ending! Not the censored kind. The fairy tale kind.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that 'Student Life Enhancement Fund' banquet is rockin in that last picture.

Trav said...

I think it's a different guy who "peed" his pants.

Anonymous said...

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