Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Wood" Paneling

I've said this before, but there's a plethora of photos on Flickr of people playing beer pong semi-nude. Is this something that's really common that I'm just missing out on? I don't get it. Strip beer pong?


Unknown said...

if you're going to do something cool like loose your pants & underwear before you lose your shirt, why would you do something lame like cover your balls when someone takes a picture?

Unknown said...

"Dude, thanks for coming over, taking off your pants and then resting your sweaty bag all over my chair."

Seriously, was this guy raised by wolves? It's just common courtesy to your host to stand after you've been de-pantsed.

By the way, smart move on homie to the left's part in leaning out of frame. This is just the sort of thing that can kill a Presidential campaign before it starts.

Beverly said...

this dude is exhibiting my favorite form of partial nudity, aka porky pigging it.