Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Strip Poker Party

The combination of a collapsible camping chairs indoors, red plastic cups, and cans of Keystone beer means the evening could go a limited number of ways. The most likely way would be a bunch of frat guys getting drunk. The less likely option would be a girl getting completely naked by herself. I'm not sure what magic fairy dust made it go this way.

Full n00dz are in the photostream if you care to look, perv.


Anonymous said...

Keystone and a Granola Bar wrapper! Interesting party snacks!

Anonymous said...

Strip poker seems like such a good idea when people still have some clothes on. But once they're naked... dang, it's just another naked person. Looks awkward. Not as sexy. Dang.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she is trying to 'Vogue' (like Modonna)

Hops said...

No way are those real.

Anonymous said...

Phil TX doesn't have anything available to you.


rahul said...


zombie said...

so why did a 38 yr old black man take these pictures?

zombie said...

never mind, i hadn't bothered to read his profile.

Beverly said...

Go Cornhuskers! I like to see my hometown represented in party cup form.

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