Thursday, June 12, 2008

Party Hints: Boob Cake Age Limit

When planning a surprise party, a question many people have is, "when someone too old to get them a boob cake for his or her birthday?" It's safe to say the cutoff is about 25 years younger than this guy.

Possible exceptions to this rule include:
- if he's recently been release from prison
- after a nasty divorce
- if he's actually a manchild like Robin Williams in "Jack"

Let's hope it's one of those.


alexandra said...

EW! That's certainly an unsavoury image!

Anonymous said...

It's also so perfect that his name is Fred.

NoShitSherlock said...

If that is fred and not some cuckold stealin a go at fred's dismembered cake bozoms

Anonymous said...

Nice boobs...

Fred who?

Jacey said...

Another possible answer is: "when you're drinking a glass of merlot with your slice of boob cake."