Friday, March 28, 2008

How cube kids party better

You might think that those kids hanging out on St. Marks or the Astor Place cube are just posers, but you're wrong. Truth is, they're partying way harder than you. They hate their dads, they're ready to experiment with flexible personal barriers, and they don’t care about getting their clothes dirty.

Case in point: these pictures are all from the same person; different parties.

They moon you and wail on guitar while their friend pukes

This speaks for itself

They are TASERING each other! You would NEVER do that!


Anonymous said...

note: Git-R-Dun hat and possible racist shirt.

Anonymous said...

The shirt says "Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap". My sister gave me a bump sticker like 12 years ago that said it. I still have it somewhere sadly.

Anonymous said...

I think he means the Untermenschen shirt on taser-holder.