Thursday, February 2, 2012

SIMYP Travel Guide: Guide Books

Is there anything worse than someone who considers "travel" among their interests? 

In my travels, I've gained an appreciation for those Lonely Planet or whathaveyou guidebooks.  Yes, I know, I know, they're cheesy and hideous.  And of course I'd prefer not to use one at all.  Everyone wants to not use the guidebook and be carefree.  You don't want to be that tourist with your nose in a guidebook like chump.  Of course not.  But what you really want is for your traveling companion to be the one who totes the book and does that all for you.  Somehow I've ended up traveling with people who disdain the guidebook even more than me, which means that I'm the one stuck carrying it.  And you know what? They come in handy, ok? 

Here's the absolute worst part about those books:  after your trip is done, you're stuck with this ugly book on your shelf.  Taunting you even more because it tells everyone who comes over exactly where you been and that you required a guidebook for it.  Mortifying.  I've tried as best as possible to shove these books off on friends who've mentioned a whiff of interest of traveling to those places.  You don't want people coming over and the first thing they see is that giant white text on the thick blue spin.  "Oh, you went to Spain?!"   

Anyway, point is, we now know DJ Denim over here has been to Thailand.


Anonymous said...

I disagree, I think having the book around after is a way of silently bragging about your vacationing. for example, I think if a man adorned his apartment with a full shelf of various travel guides to exotic and desirable places, he would lock down any woman who came and saw that.

As long as you don't have just 1 guide book for Toronto Canada, then you should burn it or just replace it with Tahiti to pretend you're richer

Nic said...

Wow. two bad posts in a row. Burning man really? And now making fun of books in the background of a photo, prolly not even this guys house. You should stick to posting funny photos of parties. And leave the social commentary to other bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Far worse than the guidebook are the ridiculous hat and the stoopid hand gesture.

Patrick said...

He looks like a denim turd.

Anonymous said...

Well actually... chinese toilets are great! Because:
It's much easier to hover over a hole in the floor than over a seat, that is actually meant to sit on.

Unless of course, in western public toilets you really DO sit down. Then you're correct

Anonymous said...

I think that it's all pointless, all of it.

Anonymous said...