Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Party Is the Pits

Ok, so I have this thing about hippie women and their love of bare arms/back/shoulders, but their hatred of bare thighs.  Ever notice this?  Hippie girls love spaghetti strap tanks and tube tops, even in winter, but will never wear short-shorts or short dresses/skirts?

This one here really encapsulates my theory with this ill-fitting (notice the seam cutting the bust) halter in what looks like some organic cotton fabric, showing off her hairy pits.


Anonymous said...

Hippie chicks are responsible for the dress/skirt over pants problem, which is an extremely hostile version of the phenomenon you've observed.

I think it's because hippies sit on the ground a lot, hard to do in short dress/skirt.

And puppies jump on them a lot.

Blast Hardcheese said...

Their armpits are a statement and not just a personal choice, y'dig? But thighs, thighs are off-limits. Thigh-showin' is for women who whore themselves to the patriarchy.

I can hear their simultaneously bellowing and strident voices from here because I used to live wherever the fuck they are wherever it might be.

jjdaddyo said...

$5 says the woman on the left has a Subaru wagon with a kayak on top.

Ares said...

What do you do when you take off a hippy chicks skirt? You take off her jeans.