Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Take Your Pick, Ladies

You get to pick one to take home tonight.  Choose wisely.
Left to Right:
Black Shirt, curly hair: he will make love to you gently and sweetly, but his genitals will smell HORRIBLE.
Striped hoody: his childhood molestation makes intimacy incredibly difficult for him; he will cry after cumming.
Shaved head: will give you a bumbling back-handed compliment like, "it's ok, I actually like small boobs."
Black hat: he will refuse to wear a condom.


Steve McQueen said...

Should have been titled Take Your Pick, Laddies.

I've never seen prettier ladyboys outside of Bangkok.

Anonymous said...

In striped-hoody dudes nose is either cocaine or a booger. Buyer beware.

Anonymous said...

Dude's got some serious VCR (Visible Cocaine Residue), and that seems to explain a lot about their facial expressions

Tushie said...

I have had "It's ok, I like small boobs", word for word, so many times. Is this in some kind of widely circulating douchebag phrasebook that I am unaware of?

Anonymous said...

These are NZ boys so there won't be any coke

Anonymous said...

Bareback with Black Hat. He'll have the coolest STDs.

marisajones said...

stripped hoodie.
i tend to leave right after finishing,and not return their calls.
problem solved.