Thursday, August 12, 2010

Most Miserable Man in History

The competition for Most Miserable Man is heating up with this pathetic piece of shit, snoozing off while his buddies grind the night away. 

Thanks to Mason for the pic.

Who is more miserable?


Anonymous said...

It sucks to be designated driver...

Unknown said...


The guy in the 1st shot at least got drunk first, perhaps he had a good time earlier and just couldn't keep up.

It looks to me that the camera just caught the guy in the third shot at a bad time, I can see him laughing and tossing a pillow at the photographer right after this and getting back to the party.

But #2...this man is just a sad sack sulking in the corner.

john said...

He is probably just fed up with listening to Percy Faith for the 5th time, even tho Theme from Summer Place was a great way to get to second base with your date.

john said...

OTOH, perhaps it was his black socks.

Anonymous said...

The middle guy. Unlike the others, he appears angry.

Anonymous said...

#1 is an all-Filipino party, which means on average Sulky and at least one of the dude dancers is gay. Sulky worries that his husky frame will doom his tranny future.

- Manila Gorilla

Anonymous said...

The man who snoozes does not know he is miserable. That's different from the guy in #2, who definitely knows it. Guy #3 is just trying to be cool. Guy #2 -- obvious winner here.

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Anonymous said...

1 is just asleep, not necessarily miserable. 3 is just being trendy. 2 is the only one who looks like he's having a mad time.

Janice said...

I believe this man would be the perfect candidate to be one of my followers.

James said...

#1 is just passed out - he may be missing a good time now, but he probably had a good deal of fun before.

#2 looks like the kid who the parents of the cool kids made invite to the party. His parents also probably had a hand in it, forcing him to go instead of sitting around playing video games once again. He knows he's not "supposed to" be there, and all the other kids clearly do as well.

(Man, I just started thinking, what if that guy ends up reading this? Sorry dude, I'm just interpreting your entire life from a single photograph)

#3 is just the guy who is "too cool" to look happy in a picture. Miserable in its own way, but not under the normal definition.

#2 all the way