Monday, April 12, 2010

Comes Full Circle.

Match the colors on each side. Complete the chain. Ourobouros.

Rubix cube contestants Ramones tees:

Ramones interviews on Squirt TV:

I'm about 85% sure I sat next to Jake Fogelnest of Squirt TV on bench waiting for customer service at the bank recently. I desperately wanted to tell him how much I love this video clip of Joey Ramone throwing chairs of the balcony, but I was afraid for the 15% that it wasn't actually Jake Fogelnest and I'd just be harassing some hapless bank customer.

This was just the most boring celebrity sighting story ever told.


Dr. Duke Nukem, Ph.D. said...

I grew up in the village and used to run into Jake like once a week. And I can't believe someone actually knows what SquirtTV was. My life is complete.

martindd23 said...

Ha, that's funny. I saw him when Wesley Willis played the Mercury Lounge and someone asked who brought their kid brother.