Monday, December 1, 2008

CALL FOR SUBMISSION: Budget Party Photos!

Recession taking its toll on your beer fund? Finding yourself downgrading from the $7Yellowtail shiraz to the $5 Gato Negro merlot? Moved back into Mom's basement to keep your weed money secure? Have you started using brand X permanent markers instead of Sharpies to draw on your friends' faces when they're passed out? Purchased a 40oz using loose change in the past month? I want to know!

Send me your best budget party photos - I want to see pictures with the cheapest beer, Georgi vodka, Old Grandad whiskey, or anything else you might find at a halfway house's recycling bins. Secret tips for partying on the cheap that the average tightwad might not already know?

Send them to me:


Anonymous said...

Since when is CC cheap whiskey?

Unknown said...

Agree with chachi. Canadian Club is good, eh.

PartyPooped said...

Fair enough. I understand it's the champagne of Canada. Will change it.

Amy said...

old grandad?!

does that mean i've been recession partying since the a.i.g sponsored lunch with john legend?

Unknown said...

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