Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Shoes, No Skirt, No Service

The description on this photo reads: "I sat in Janelle's puke. So I took my skirt off on the street. Now it lives on a sidewalk somewhere in LA".

Whoa - I think I just got the best new idea for how to get girl's skirts off. Just make them sit in your puke. WATCH OUT LADIES, I GOT NEW MOVES!

Thanks to Matt for this picture, which is unclear if it contains pubes or not.


Anonymous said...

those arent pubes, she's just wearing a decent black pair of underpants!

kdub_nyc said...

And I can't believe she wore black under a white skirt... amateur.

Anonymous said...

yeah she got black pups, what the hell is that girl thinking? well she suffer some kind of corporal temperature disorder while she drink, maybe she taste a little bit of viagra without prescription before drink, and you know the results of that.