Sunday, August 31, 2008

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Gloom Of Night Will Keep Me From Drinking This 40oz.

Isn't there some law against using U.S. mail tape for doing Edward 40-hands? Like how those white U.S. mail crates always say it's unlawful to use them for any other purposes or to not return them to the post office? Underage drinking aside, there's clearly some mail fraud being perpetrated.

Looks like at the time the photo was snapped, they haven't yet reached the sticky situation of how to undo their jeans to use the bathroom - remember these guys who had to leave their flys unzipped all night?

Thanks to Brendan (who is presumably one of these two knuckleheads) for the pic.


Anonymous said...

Did that guy make his own "America's Hat" t-shirt?

Here's the original . .

Anonymous said...

I was recently at my local post office branch and found that they had hidden all stickers and tape behind the counter. "People end up using them for everything EXCEPT sending mail," a woman who worked there told me. Duly noted!

Anonymous said...

What. Nothing about that awesome shirt?

Anonymous said...

guy on the right = gayest hair ever.

Neither of them is actually likely to score with the chicks in the background though.