Saturday, July 5, 2008

Living the Dream

Honestly, of all the party pictures I've ever posted, this is the one that I really really wish I hadn't missed this party. What you are looking at is pretty much the most ideal moment that a human could ever strive for.

1. Keg
2. Pool

Those are the only two things you need to transcend your mortal coil. There's just something about being drunk in a pool on the 4th of July that makes your heart want to burst with happiness. I was lucky enough to spend two 4ths in a pool with my friends Sara, Morgan, and Neal, and it was heaven.


Zen Wizard said...

Empty kegs make a great life-preserver.

Or--you could just not get 'faced and swim in the first place.

Anonymous said...

once empty (and you're drunk) empty kegs are lots of fun to 'ride' like a bull in a pool.