Thursday, May 29, 2008

Keeping My Edge sXe, Part 2

Back in high school, I used to have a lot of Mormon friends, and they were always coming up with the funnest things to do. Because when you're not spending your energy trying to get laid or drunk, you put your mind into really creative stuff.

Hanging out with one straight edge person is annoying. Hanging out with a whole group of only straight edge kids is going to end up way more fun than all the times you got drunk and nothing really happened. When's the last time you were wasted with your buddies, and someone said "hey, let's make costumes and put on a play!"? That's something only a mind that hasn't been soiled with Busch lite and bong rips would come up with.

Look at these guys. Not a beer in sight.

Thanks to Beth for the pic.


Crazy Momma said...


MJ said...

*wiping away tears* LOL.
My stomach hurts now from laughing so hard!

Fondle said...

I actually know the kid holding the saw blades

Anonymous said... word:
(man boobs)


Anonymous said...

there's andre the giant. standing....staring...waiting