Monday, February 18, 2008

I Hate Beer Pong

I was once in the customs line at the Vancouver airport, and two guys ahead of me had silver medals hanging around their necks. I was a little curious, wondering if maybe it was some famous althete. One of the guys turns to me and says, "So I see you're staring at my medals....". Turns out, he hadn't won them in the luge, or ski jump, or any other semi-legitimate sport that you might travel internationally to compete in.

No, in fact, he had won the silver medal in pairs' flip-cup, and a gold in singles beer pong at some dumbass International Idiot Games. And he was wearing the medals around the airport like a returning Olympic hero, and was very eager to talk to strangers about it.

Personally, I hate beer pong. Maybe I'm just grouchy because I don't like things I'm bad at (basketball, video games, pool), and maybe it's because I've only played beer pong once at some awful frat party in Philadelphia and it seemed overly complicated and not that fun.

But I'm clearly in a minority. People have a genuine love of the game.

Worst Idea Ever Pong:

Arty pong:

I found A LOT of semi-nude pong pics.

Parents away fo rthe weekend pong:


amp said...

In the arty pic is that Peter Pan sneaking up on the unsuspecting player?

.crumb. said...

i also hate beer pong, which is how i found this blog. so, hooray.

G said...

I completely agree. Nothing worse than going to a house party only to find everyone EVERYONE congregrating around some stupid-ass folding table that is the "official" pong table. People take it too serious, and make up stupid little rules they conveniently never tell you until they can use them to their advantage.

Plus the shit they're always playing isn't beer pong. It's Beirut. But if you tell them that, it's always the same response - "Dude, why you do you care? We're playing just to have fun...blah blah blah." No, you're not. If you put this much time and effort into this stupid game, you clearly take very seriously, and you should at least know the proper fucking name.

Flip cup is way more fun anyway.