Monday, January 23, 2012

A Classier Time

The aftermath of a party at my pal Julia's parents' place in the 70s (these are not her parents pictured).  God, I wish it was the '70s.  Everytime I go over to a nice dinner party and suggest a little swinging, everyone acts all huffy and stuckup.  Like a little wife-swapping ever hurt anyone?

Jeez, it's 2012 people. If you're not a diaper-lover or wife-swapper, get over yourself.  A little '70s partying might do you good.


josh m said...

This looks more like a murder scene.

H.I. said...

Keep your goddamn hands off my wife!

Patrick said...

"Okay, so we learned something, Betty. This fetish doesn't work if we both take the roofies."