Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Is this guy drinking beer from a Nalgene?  Blue Solo cup not big enough for you, pal?  Too busy to stand around refilling at the keg?

This is what makes America great.  Take a look a this group of cool guys and tell me you wouldn't laugh in my face if I said these guys were from Belgium or Moscow.  These guys bleed red, white, and blue.


Anonymous said...

I hate seeing these weird friend photos of people who clearly met while in highschool but remain friends, but you can tell all their types.

Mr. Nalgene was the quiet and mildly sensitive one of the group, he really just wanted to settle down with a nice girl, which is illustrated by his denim prize beside him.

Beardo is the wild and crazy party animal, loves sleaze and jager...he owns 3 very nice guitars and a really shitty one that just has that perfect crunchy sound you don't hear too often these days.

Motorhead is the alpha of this pack, He knows it too. He's got a kick ass job co-owning an autoshop. He lifts weights on the weekends when he's not repairing his '67 Camaro. He's also a known and loved regular at the local watering hole.

St. Patricks day is the luke warm man, not as loud and crazy as Beardo, but not as cool and bad ass as motor-head. He is usually the butt end of most jokes, and that stain on his shirt was caused when Motorhead proved to him his kung-fu panda thermos was not "spill proof". His days are spent with an Xbox 360.

Moto Guzzi there is the hard ass, works with Motorhead, but is not so laid back. Acts the toughest of the group. He's the most homophobic person you'd ever meet, and at one point was a volunteer firefighter. He actually doesn't really like drinking.

Whiffle bat there...I don't think he's part of the group originally, he may be Lady Denim's little brother. At any rate, he's happy to be one the guys tonight.

Or...I could be totally wrong and we're just looking at a big ol' bear party sandwiched between a Goldilocks and an otter.

Patrick said...

I was thinking more along the lines of an afterparty for a Young Republicans convention, but your explanation is really convincing.

Kristen said...
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Kristen said...
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Anonymous said...

Viva la 99%!!!!!!

Purslane said...

Blood relatives, right?

Anonymous said...

Fuck your oppinion.

ch said...

Anonymous is either one of the people in the photo, or an FBI profiler.