Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Party Hero

So usually I don't videos, but someone sent me this one and it just resonated. It's 3 girls at a house party chugging down a bottle of sour apple schnapps. At first I thought that the joy of watching it would be to smugly laugh at the girls - when you hear the concept "three fat girls chugging schnapps", you expect to laugh AT them, not WITH them.

But keep your eye on the girl in black - she's literally hilarious. She's egging on her friends, doing funny voices. You wish she was your friend. You wish she was there at every party to encourage you to "chug that shit!"

She's one of those people who has the knack of making a really lame house party drinking in someone's gross kitchen into something really fun. This my friends, is a Party Hero.

Thanks to Clif for the link.


Owen said...

Thats JOHNNY BOOTLEGGER the most fun drink in the world!
The trick is to drink a ten percent forty and turn it to eleven by chuggin one of those in one go when your done

Patrick said...

I have to admit, that made me smile a bit.

Damn you, Party Pooper.

jamesForeman said...

everybody in this video is disgusting.

the one without a chin recently came to the crushing conclusion that the only thing about her that will ever get attention from dumbfuck white trash men are her tits, while she is clearly in love with the enormous one in black and is desperate to get her boobs up against hers.

I want them all to die. I wish that bottle had poison in it.

j/k girl power everyone is beautiful

Anonymous said...

they are all gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

this is great.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they set up a tripod to film this.

カート said...

The real moral of the story is that goddamn, Johnny Bootlegger is amazing.

Modernwood said...

People say, "son," at the end of sentences.

Anonymous said...

I am genuinely sorry I missed that party.