Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sleepy Sipping

Sometimes I find a photo I love so much, and then to my delight, its owner has already provided such an amazing description, that I can only let it speak for itself:


this was from cmu and it was kelseys roomates 22nd birthday. this from there spare "beer-pong" room. its a pretty sweet set up. i was soo intoxicated and i was trying to take a very cool picture of gracie but it didn't really turn out the way i wanted. i didn't know that until the next day tho. it was a fun night. i love going to see kelsey cause its like getting the whole college experience thing cause you defiantly don't get that at a community college. the memories from this night are sooo funny, i swear i have the best best friends in the world. =] =] =]

My only gripe here is that he says he was trying to take a cool picture of his friend, but it really didn't turn out that way. I don't want to sound like a perv, but this picture is so incredibly sexy that it's a crime that he doesn't understand. Something about the way you know this picture was taken on a really hot night where you are still sweating, and you don't even care that your shorts are completely riding up and showing more thigh than you'd ever do on purpose; being on whatever number of drink it is that makes you just want to find out what the inside of someone else's mouth tastes like.


300baud said...

That is an excellent find. But from the prose, I couldn't believe the photographer was a guy. And the owner of the Flickr profile is allegedly 20 and female. What makes you think it's a fella?

Ian said...

I also dig this photo. I cannot decide if this girl would be hot in any other picture. Is this one of those perfect shots that make you look as (deceivingly) gorgeous as possible?

PartyPooped said...

yeah, the photographer's a girl. but kind of like how all puppies are boys and all cats are girls, all shitheads are men to me. plus, i wrote this before going back and looking at hte rest of the person's photostream. so whatevs, who cares. this isn't Sorry I Missed Your Gender Identity.

Anonymous said...

So hot