Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Edward Boonsfarmhands

I'm starting to realize that almost everything in life does really follow that horrible axiom that every soccer coach, camp counselor, Hebrew school instructor, and whatever other adults you had surrounding your retarded middle class upbringing told you ad nasuem: "you get out of it what you put in." Turns out this is true for your job, your relationship, friendships, your personal appearance, sexual technique, the gym, vacations, everything. Which really fucking sucks because I HATE putting things in (that's what I said). Seriously. I hate hard work, which his why I never spellcheck or proofread this blog, as you may have noticed.

Point is: never underestimate the power of a can-do attitude. Look at this girl - she's got mild to moderate acne, horrible taste in clothes and music, and what appears to be a crippling addiction to white flour and refined sugar. But when someone at the party suggests doing a version of "Edward 40-hands" with Boons Farm bottles, shesays "SURE." She's the life of the party. She's not going to show up and mope around because her deodorant is showing, she's committed to having a great time.

She's putting more in, and she's getting more out.  Let's all learn from her.

Thanks to Amanda for this photo.


Anonymous said...

I thought we were above fattie jokes, Pooper.

Maybe you're having a period or something?

Anonymous said...

quitchyer bitchin fatty. maybe you're eating a cheeseburger or something?

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of sweetness. Rug stainin' sweetness.

Carpe Diem, fattie!