Thursday, October 28, 2010

Four Loko Is Cool

I wrote about how cool Four Loko is with a bunch of pics of cool shitheads gulping it down here:
Four Loko Is Really Cool And I Can Prove It - The Faster Times


Patrick said...

Three observations:

1) Four Loco must be the new Sparks.

2) Old-timey Photoshop filters are really annoying, especially when it's obvious the picture was taken pretty recently.

3) I want to have your babies.

Anonymous said...

I will fight you for baby rights.

Anonymous said...

@Patrick - believe it or not, pics from a disposable camera come out like this often. Not everyone knows how to super-spiffify lame-ass teenage party pics like you do, friend.

Patrick said...

I wouldn't know. Disposable cameras are for people who are afraid of commitment.