Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Your Friends Are Jerks

So before you think this is just another guy passed out with an exposed gut, let me fill you in on the guy, Chris, who sent this picture to me.  Chris forwarded me this picture that he received as a picture text from his friend's phone.  Because he forwarded it with the message header still attached, I could see the original text and phone number that went along with it in the message header.  The text said "PLEASE HELP".

This means that someone sent this MMS message to their friend good Chris, begging for help with their friend who was floundering drunkenly on the floor.  And Chris did the responsible thing by forwarding it right along to me.  Thank you.

Oh shit. What if this isn't of a guy drunk, it's of a guy who was about to be murdered? I THINK I HAVE SEEN THIS LAW AND ORDER!


Coorain said...

I think you're ok- it looks like there's a smile on his face. But then again, maybe his life was really terrible and he wanted to die.

Wes said...

I think he's crowning

Anonymous said...

This is the first amputee-still-porn ive seen in the longest of whiles. Thank you for the implications!

Virgtastic said...

This looks oddly familiar.