Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cheap Monday Booze Belt

Maybe like 2 years ago I bought a pair of Cheap Monday jeans from this really cool palce called They didn't fit, so I sent them back for an exchange, but then I didn't get the new pair for a while, so I called back and was like, "wazzup?"
And they were like, "oh we're sold out of the new size you requested so we're just refunding you."
And I was like, "that's ok cause I wasn't that into them anyway."

Thanks to Cavale for the photo.

Yeah, yeah, yeah:


Hails said...

ok so those little bottles are illegal here in chicago and when I saw some visiting a friend in washington, I felt like a kid walking into willy wonka's factory. for real I had an armload.

Lazer said...

What?! No foie gras OR itty-bitty liquor bottles?!

Chicago, I'll be taking my fancy man picnic elsewhere, thank you very much!

Virgtastic said...

Thank heaven for BevMo!