Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Party Protection

You know that basketball player who wears the full clear plastic face mask when he plays? I can never tell if other players think it's because he's such a wuss he's afraid of getting hurt or they're intimidated because he's so fucking crazy and might need a Silence of the Lambs mask to restain himself.

That's my party style - either super wussy or uncontrollably ragohholic, and you can never tell which one it's gonna be. You can't tell if my beer helmet is because I'm too laid back to hold beer in my hands or if it's actually protective headgear.

Rip Hamilton:


Anonymous said...

I thought he wore it because he broke his nose. Have I been totally wrong on this? This is the best and most hilarious blog ever by the way. The pictures are good but the commentary is the greatest.

nope said...

No, you're right, he did break his nose.