Thursday, August 13, 2009

Man Day Thursday: Man Drugs

The most out-there mindblowing thing I've seen during my first week of 2 week grand jury duty (grand jury duty is when you do 20-40 indictments over 2 weeks instead of just one case) was seeing a total hipster undercover narcotics cop testify about a drug possession case. 21 Jump Street all over the place. Tight jeans and ironic haircut - AND A BADGE! The hourlong drama on CW writes itself.

I had always thought I knew undercover cops were easy to spot - they always wear football or baseball jerseys (very likely because they're loose enough to cover a bulletproof vest). But I guess I learned that it's kind of like what Adam Carolla says about people who claim they can always spot a toupee - sure, except for the good ones you can't spot and therefore don't know you missed.

In honor of Bro Narc, I'd like to get a look at some real men who enjoy some real drugs. Yes... I'd like a Man Day Drug Day Thursday!!!! SMOKE EM IF YOU GOT EM, FELLAS.

And of course, these Sorry I Missed Your Coked Out 80s Rager Hall of Famers:


kale said...

Those last two are so fucking classic.

You can't get better than a framed Delorean poster.

Unknown said...

#4: medicinal use?

Joe Hoyt said...

the first guy with the cross joint, that was my roomate in boarding school, his name is Ben! He used to solo on his guitar along to phish albums and never washed his sweaters

spectacular views said...

god those last two are so fucking classic.

sorry i stole your comment, kale

Sarah said...

Dude. That UC was hot like fire.

AurorasBored said...

Is that a very young Nic Cage? Time will believe it is.