Thursday, December 11, 2008

Regrets, I've Had A Few

Have you ever done something you knew was a bad idea but did it anyway? Recently, I ordered the "house speciality" at a Greek restaurant, which was a whole porgy fish. The thing about Greek food is that although the few well known basic dishes like tzatziki or moussaka are delicious, everything else is pretty much disgusting. And I'm Greek. When the waiter brought over the whole fish, eyes and teeth and fins and all, he actually laughed at my repulsed expression, saying, "oh yes, I see you would like I will take the face off for you! HOOPA!" I was only able to gag down one bite. It was fishy and oily tasting, and full of bones, like cunningus with a hedgehog aboard the Exxon Valdez. There's clearly a reason why you don't see porgy on a lot of menus. I knew it was a bad idea to order this, but I was feeling adventurous and wanted to try something new.

Here's a guy who has it written all over his face that he knows what he's about to do later tonight is a mistake, but he's going to do it anyway.


Cris said...

Ooh, Zima!

Also, I'm almost certain that's cunnilingus.

Anonymous said...

Go Indians!!

Anonymous said...

My muffin top is all that
Whole-grain, low-fat
I know you wanna piece of that
But I just wanna dance

Zen Wizard said...

Dolmades are these meat stuffed grape leaves that is also a pretty good dish IMHO.

Plus it is funny in a Greek restaurant when you order Coke and they do that "No Coke! Pepsi!"-thing...

Okay it's not that funny but how long has "Weekend Update" been on and that is painfully UNfunny.

brendan donnelly said...

i have. theyre called ex girlfriends

Jeff said...

You don't likea da face?
Da face, it weird you out?
I get rid of da face.

Anonymous said...

here's some too much information: i grew up in a cult, and we used to have potluck lunches on sunday after church. (they were called lovefeasts...yeah!) all that shitty food would sit in crockpots for 3 or so hours during service (cult services are long). the resulting mismosh of food tasted exactly like every dish i've ever had at a greek restaurant. yum!