Saturday, December 6, 2008


Jessica sent me this photo along with this story about a stripper that loves to party:

This photo is from my roommates 21st birthday party, we got her a stripper! His name is Robert, he came by at 10:30 to give Janna a dance. But then he ended up staying until 1:30, when security kicked him out. We gave him a free cup and homeboy got wasted with us, and then he called one of our friends when he left and told him what a great time he had and what a fun party it was, and that he was so shitty he couldn't drive.

It's unclear what the leering gentleman in the barn coat is doing there.

Recently, I was watching some late night basic cable with my friend Amy, which as I'm sure you know, is full of ads for phone sex lines and local strip clubs. We started discussing how much we thought it would actually cost to get a stripper to come to your house (answer: about $300). To get this estimate, Amy called one of the hire-a-stripper agencies that was advertising on tv, which amazingly had the number 1-800-STRIPPERS. The best part is that greeting they used to answer the phone is just "Strippers."

In a world of affected and proposteriously evocative brand names for cars, pharmecuticals, and restaurants, it's wonderfully refreshing when a company is 100% accurate and upfront about what they're selling. This is the kind of honesty and sincerity in commerce that our country was built on. This is FDR's stripper agency.


Sarah Lynn Knowles said...

is barncoat the security dude?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he just delivered the pizza?

Anonymous said...

i love how the stripper is being so modest and pulling back his thong from the girl who is biting it.

Anonymous said...

It looks like he's fixing the door frame.

Anonymous said...

ahaha i was here, barncoat is not security. "steel" (stripper name) was wearing his police costume when the security guards came

Anonymous said...

The girl in front looks like she is taking a dump.