Friday, November 7, 2008

Dream Friends

If there was such a thing as friend pornography, where you fantasize about the funnest friends ever, the plot of the porno would be like this:

Int. Evening. Apartment.
Doorbell rings.
You walk across the room and open the door.

"Oh hi! We were just in the neighborhood with some of the good beer and a bong and thought we'd drop by to listen to NOFX with you."


Anonymous said...

mmm i've seen this film and it's good.

Anonymous said...

its also possible they brought over the new dillinger four record to listen to!

She/Them/He/Hey You/Buddy/Chick/Dude/Weirdo said...

Hey, at least they're drinking Pyramid Ale. My favorite. Too bad when I moved back to Miami I found they don't distribute here.

Unknown said...

It was really neat to be able to sit down and chat with someone face to face about dream friends. The excitement, the ups and down, and homestudy etc., instead of just through the yahoo groups.

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Anonymous said...

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