Friday, October 10, 2008

Perfect Refreshing Chug

Everything about this photo is so perfect, if I never saw another picture of a guy chugging a low-carb beer, I could die happy. It's like looking at the Sistine Chapel.


Unknown said...

This could be the perfect ad for Budweiser's gimmicky beer of the month.

Note that right behind the stream of beer is a girl with a smile on her face that says, "If this chubby Indian guy doesn't barf all over me, we are totally going to get it on, all over the damn place."

J.G. Edathil said...

This guy is my doppleganger. He's me without sideburns and anything remotely resembling taste in beer.

When I find this fellow, we're going to have words. And by words, I mean multiple punches to the gut.