Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Make Out Sessions

My main gripe with the iPhone is that the camera is no good for snapping pictures of strangers on the sly. For example, the other day a girl walking in front of me on the street had a lower back tattoo that said "Milkshake" in cursive writing, and I just HAD to get a picture. Which a flip phone, it's easy to pretend that you're just checking messages instead of using the camera. But with an iPhone, it's way more obvious because you have to hold it straight and then very deliberately use your other hand to press the button. And when you're trying to take a picture of a stranger's lower back tattoo, well, it's a little embarrassing.

The same for taking pictures of strangers making out - I love taking pictures of people drunkenly making out at a bar or at a party. There's such an intensity when two people just can't wait to get in private to start going at it French style. They need to suck face NOW. I just can't help staring and gawking, and I don't even feel guitly about it - heck, they don't mind. Maybe it's just that I'm jealous because no one wants to make out with me in a bar because I have really bad cold sores and chronic halitosis. I'm hoping things will change once I get my adult braces off and the Acutane kicks in.

Thank god there's other like minded people out there who can't resist taking photos of drunk couples making out for me to lurk in the privacy of my own home.


Anonymous said...

RE: sly pics on the iPhone - I found a way to kinda make it look like your checking texts while taking a sneaky pic (god, this is such a nerd-comment). Anyways:

1.) open the camera app
2.) hold down the camera button at the bottom of the screen
3.) tap anywhere on the screen with another finger - the shutter will snap. you can make this look like you're sliding pages or tappin' texts or whatever.


Sarah Lynn Knowles said...

nice work KYLE.

sorry you didnt get to make out with carson daly, brace-face :( :(

Southwestern Belle said...

I also love doing this. I got one once of two skinny hipsters making out and it looked like a Calvin Klein add.

Southwestern Belle said...

"ad," I mean.

spectacular views said...

"I'm hoping things will change once I get my adult braces off and the Acutane kicks in."

omg you're hilarious