Thursday, September 18, 2008

Congratulations, Amy and Magnus!

My best friends just got engaged, and I can't wait to be sorry I missed their wedding because I was puking up my hangover from the rehearsal dinner from the night before.

Can't wait to do the electric slide:

Better make sure your guests have a great time:

Amy,I hope you get your hair exactly like this:

Can't wait to cut the cake:

Congratulations, you crazy kids.

Demure and delicate white flower (thanks to Julianne for this pic):


Zen Wizard said...

My "Married in Vegas by 'Elvis'"-strategy all of a sudden does not seem to be as tacky as everyone said.

Anonymous said...

Holly different couple on the bottom. Is that you and your lovely bride?

Nothing said...

Did they really get engaged or is this yet another Amy-Magnus punk'd job? Must know.

The Chicken said...

i think the funniest part of those photos is the woman wearing flip flops in the first photo. classy!

PartyPooped said...

She's also wearing white - what a faux pas! She's not the only one either in that pic.