Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stolen Camera Footage

This picture isn't all that interesting by itself, but the description posted with the photo is fantastic:

"The story here is I left my camera on a nearby table. This girl's friend picked it up thinking it was hers and started taking pictures. The next day I had all these interesting pictures on my phone."

How psyched would you be if this happened to you? Last time I left my camera unattended, all I got was these lousy pictures of my roommate with my toothbrush up his butt.

Thanks to Katherine for the photo!


Anonymous said...

Were they trying to play a joke on the owner or were they just getting themselves off? (Can't tell... the link is wrong).

Anonymous said...

The link is wrong! I wanted to see the rest

PartyPooped said...

Sorry! Link fixed!

Anonymous said...

who doesn't love the classic "what i thought this was my camera" trick.

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