Monday, June 2, 2008

Office Partied, part 2

Here's the problem with hip new media companies: it's too hard to tell the difference between your private social life and your office Christmas party. On your own time, you enjoy getting shitfaced, grinding with hot babes, and hanging out with black guys with cool glasses. That's "you" time. But what happens when this is going on while you're on the clock at work? That's when things get confusing. It's not like investment banker with the whole "work hard, play hard" mentality. That means you work 60 hours a week in a suit and tie, and then on Friday night you do $500 worth of Bolivan marching powder and get a hj in a town car from an FIT student.

Work is supposed to be like the first scenes of Joe vs. the Volcano. When it stops being like that and starts being fun, it's like incest. Because sure, your sister is hot and you have so much in common, and it would be great to fuck her, but it's just NOT DONE.

Fuckit. I'm starting my own company and I'm naming Brendan Donnelly CFO of Animated GIFs, and I'm going to sexually harrass my employees while wearing a virtual reality helmet and glove like in Disclosure.

p.s. thanks to Matt for providing this. View here to see him throw gang signs in front of his bosses.

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brendan donnelly said...

hahaha sweet! i need a job