Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ghost in the Machine

In the 1800s, there was a popular fad of trick photography to make "ghosts" appear in photos as this sort of cloudy mist or dust that was created in the developing process. Charlatans would act as clairvoyants and produce a photo for bereaved families supposedly showing their loved ones' ghosts floating about.

I believe this is an example of that trick photography. Except the ghost isn't of a deceased family member, it's of her anal virginity.

I am having a horrible time finding good examples of these old ghost photographs, and now I'm kind of on a mission. If anyone knows of a good link, let me know.


Roma said...

Victorian ghost photography!!


Anonymous said...

This is the webpage of Laura Larson, a photographer who stimulates the same sort of ghost/ectoplasm images you're talking about.


jfruh said...



huffer1 said...

There's a Vintage Spirit Photography pool on Flickr (665 members - you could be 666!)

Vintage Spirit Photography

huffer1 said...

Link --> Vintage Spiritual Photography

Anonymous said...

Isn't this shot basically someone smoking a cigarrette while taking the picture?!

Ooooh, spooky!

party pooper said...

way to poop all over this party, anon with your cigarette smoke theory. phd in obviousness awarded!

Anonymous said...

Anal? Well, OK.
First let me pound this Bud and
do a couple shots.

Anonymous said...

It's like she's being haunted by the ghost semen of lays past.

Anonymous said...

A little late catching up here... but I think this picture:


should answer the anal virginity question.

laura linger said...

"her anal virginity"

LOL! You're such a BITCH! I think I love you.

Anonymous said...

this kind of trick is so old as my grand mother maybe more, now people use viagra without prescription to make better ghost pictures, by the way, the babe in the pic, dude I think I falling in love.