Friday, January 6, 2012

Best Christmas Card Ever

I was just sent this stunning image from someone named Brittnay with this description:

My sister received this from her neighbor for Christmas; along with several paparazzi style snap shots of my unaware bro-in-law and niece while walking their dogs. Photographer or not, that’s fucking creepy.

On another note, I’m more of a Cannon girl myself. I found the Jesus to be difficult to operate.

Yes, this isn't a party photo.  But I can truly say this scan of a Christmas card may be the most magnificent image I have ever posted on this piece of turd blog.  I literally chortled - CHORTLED!- out loud when I saw this.

The mother and  teenage son.  The fact that he's named "Kalen".  The two cats.  The "Jesus" brand-name camera.  Good grief! Nothing could make this more perfect in every screaming detail.  

I want to use this for my own Chistmas cards every year moving forward.  I want to use this as my wedding inviations.  I want this to be on my resume.  I want to just insert this into my first born child's "Name" field on his or her birth certificate.  I want this in every aspect of my life forever.    Please enjoy:


Anonymous said...

Is that a couple?? The woman looks way way older than the dude.

Ugly Truth News said...

This is just the craziest, creepiest holiday card. And what's with the cats in the lower right corner?

Ugly Truth News

Thomas said...

I like this a lot and it made me chortle as well.

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Chortle! Chortle!! Amazing!