Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Second Life Kegstand

Look, I'm not going to sit here and judge people for what they do with their time on the internet.  If you want to make an avatar of yourself that's a fairy princess who loves keg stands, then god bless.  I spent about an hour last week scanning for cute girls in the Eugene, OR mugshot site and then looking up their MySpace profiles.  So am I going to say what someone else does is a waste of time?  No.

So please don't judge me about the fact that I made a Tumblr about awful Second Life porn, Not Safe for First Life. It is not safe for work or home or anywhere you would exist in real life.


Anonymous said...

Wow Ms. Smoot, I don't know what the fuck you have to do to get arrested for possession in Eugene Oregon.

j m said...

Bum planet? I thought this was Eugene, OR! - Bender

I occasionally check the pdxmugshots site to see if there are any cute girls. Mostly because I work downtown and am delivering/filing stuff at the courthouses all the time, so I figure I might see them and strike up conversation... ohhhh