Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why I Hate Nerds

Here's what I hate most about nerds: they fucking ruined the one thing they weren't ever allowed to have because we KNEW they'd fuck it up - sex.   When nerd girls decide they want to be sexy, they go full AVN Awards and overdo it to the point of embarrassment like a 17 year old who puking up at his first kegger.  We gave you an inch, and you took a mile, nerds.

In case this isn't clear, it's someone dressed up as the Milla Jovovich character from The Fifth Element stripping at a comic convention.  Thank you for somehow managing to make a mockery of sci-fi AND the serious business of exotic dancing at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Leeloo multipass!

Unknown said...

Meh, I'd hit it.

"She works hard for the money so you betta treat her right!" That song popped into my head when I saw the pictures.

Becky said...

Ummm what an odd choice of shoes for a stripper!

Evil said...

Nope. I disagree. I'd hit that in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Nerd girls are sexy as hell. Your site sucks.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.


Anonymous said...

I actually thought: Thanks for at least not wearing those horrible high heels.

Nice shoes, wanna fuck?

Oh wait, let's not. But still, nice shoes.