Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Guitar Zero

I made a list of lots of photos of old people playing Guitar Hero. You can see it here:

The Faster Times: Old People Playing Guitar Hero

If you don't think this sound like something up your alley, I beg you to please consider exhibit A:


Anonymous said...


Is it hot or cold in there?
One with sweater and one without sweater.

DoeHands said...

1) I am totally digging this new gig of yours.

2) I dig the corporate headshot even more! Blurred edges. So demure, hehe.

Unknown said...

God, I love the picture of the Asian couple. That guy is giddy with delight that his girl, HIS GIRL, can play a fake guitar.

He definitely gave her the D afterwards.

Don't ask how I know. I just know. It's my gift.

Cat Glennon said...

there isn't apparently an irresistible urge, there is a totally real and tangible urge to photograph your grandparents playing video games. You have obviously never experienced it or your entire post would be about your own grandparents. Playing wii with my Poppi while his personal trainer and housekeeper looked on as we all made fun of him in both english and spanish was probably the best moment of my life. You should try it.