Thursday, September 24, 2009

Man Day Thursday: Man Kegs

Do you know what's for pussies? Drinking beer out of a bottle. Real men need big giant kegs of the stuff, and they need to drink it in cool exciting ways. Giant metal tubs of the sudsy stuff, drank upside-down, that's how a real man drinks it.


Anonymous said...

Ive decided that I dont spend enough time drinking with my shirt off. My drinking clothes can be very binding, and I think seeing shirtless drinkers here has freed me.

Mad Jack McMad said...

Awesome! Daniel Plainview and his drinkin' buddies!


Virgtastic said...

Pic #2: Is this a rookie keg party? Why is all the ice still in bags? Pic #4: Now those are some REAL men enjoying a keg... after a long, hard day at work.