Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Zone

Does it make me a 13 year old girl that I really want to see that Twilight movie this weekend?


r00tgurl said...

ahahahahaha!! the last one is the greatest!

Adam said...

Isn't that the guy from Vampire Weekend?

kdub_nyc said...

The second one: Eeeee. Guhhh. *shudders*

Anonymous said...

Slutty Vampire Costume???
my friend and I want to be slutty vampires for halloween.

We're 13/14 (I just turned 14, she is turning soon) and Im a bit afraid that we might be too young to dress slutty for halloween.

our parents approved the costume choice though.

short black dress with a deep V nechline
fake blood
high heels
black (dyed) hair.

are we too young for that, and if we are how can we revise it to be a little more apropriate?

* 1 year ago

matt said...

giggles all around.

sarah said...

yeah, that last one is vampire weekend

cmykaren said...

weird. i was just about to say that...and my best friend just posted it above me. crazy.

Nathan said...
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nate said...

HA! That second picture is mine from a house party of weird ex-patriots in Costa Rica. Awesome to see it on this blog!!!