Sunday, November 30, 2008

This Is How They Do It in South Africa?

Donald sent me these pictures (his own FAIL notations included) of his friends in an email titled "This is how we do it in South Africa". If this is actually how people "do it" in South Africa, then a lot more question opened than answered for me. Here's everything I previously knew about South Africa:

1. It has three separate capital cities.
2. In 11th grade, a kid transferred into my school from South Africa, improbably named Trevor Player. He was really good looking and played on the soccer team, and all the girls were interested in him at first, though he never ended up living up to the name.

I'm not sure how these new pictures are figuring in to my my limited knowledge of how things are "done" in South Africa. Please allow these pictures to weave themselves into your own personal South African knowledge narrative.


Anonymous said...

hahaha, classic!

Helette said...

haha, I'm a proud South African.

Anonymous said...

wow, is that side boner?