Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Goths Never Get Old

I think I could never ever get sick of goth party photos. I like this one especially, because from the description, this is when they're getting ready to go out to the goth club. I imagine that when you're a goth, you spend about 45% of your time getting ready to leave the house.

I also like the black urn by the door. Way to stay on message with the macabre, goths.

Thanks to Peter for the pic.


Anonymous said...

obviously these are not real gothic people.
they are alt-goths..
their walls are too white, and they arent scorn from the flash of the camera bulb.
so dissapointed.
post more pix of tru-goth-core pty's

PartyPooped said...

You can't get party pics of real goths, because they don't show up on film, like vampires.

Will said...

Sarah Vowell has an essay about goth parties and all the work that it takes them to get ready to party. The rule is you have to spend at least as much time at the goth party as you did getting ready.