Monday, August 25, 2008

Being Serj Tankian

I have this recurring nightmare where I'm at my 11th birthday party, but instead of my classmates, all the guests are Serj Tankian from System of a Down.

Thanks to Stu of Feeling Listless for the photo, which he found at a yard sale.

The real Serj Tankian:

And just because I'm psyched to post a photo with a "" watermark:


Anonymous said...

He looks kind of like a bad-ass Willy Wonka in that second picture.

Anonymous said...

...or Frank Zappa and Jack White's love child.

Beverly said...

I just saw Serj Tankian play. Right after Jonathan Davis at Ozzfest. I am not proud of those 45 minutes. Thankfully Metallica saved the day...sort of.

P.S. Reality No Show delinked? I felt so honored, now I could cry.

PartyPooped said...

I only delinked it because you made it private! I figured it didn't make sense to keep up a link to a blocked site. I was so bummed when I discovered I couldn't read it anymore. Are you going to keep it private?

Years ago, I saw Jonathan Davis's little brother's band in London. My friend was the opening band's publicist, so we were talking to lil' Davis backstage. He invited us back to his hotel room to "party". We declined. I regret that decision every day of my life.

Beverly said...

It was private for a few days because it made the front page of the Anchorage Daily News (headline: Blogger Comes to Alaska Where She Breaks Law) and I was getting hatemail. Seriously. I wish there was another reason.

And declined Lil' Davis? That's a lifetime of regret in a single decision.

rott said...

first pic is a screenshot from the first music video serj and aphex twin did together.

Anonymous said...

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