Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to Make Your Parents Proud

When you're a kid, there's so many opportunities of tangible evidence to make your parents proud - , macaroni glued to construction paper, photographs from your ballet recital or little league to send to Grandma, positive parent-teach conferences.

But when you get to college, the artwork to magnetize on the fridge dry up, and there's no more bronze ribbons from the sack race at field day. I think maybe the hardest and unspoken part of empty nest syndrome for parents is having to realize at the same time as you do that, well, you're kind of just an average person, and not destined to be an astronaut or senator.

If only there was some way you could explain to them the things that you take pride in as a mature 20 year old... that you're a beer pong champ, or that all the guys totally respect your derring-do and sense of adventure because you'll never turn down a dare, even to kiss your BFF Hailie (that's actually one of these girls' names, no joke).

Mom, dad, this one's for you. I'm thinking part of the family Christmas card photo collage:


Neal said...

i just became obsessed with this photo stream. Dig deep, there are tons of gems.

Anonymous said...

beer bong champion FTW!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd take the blonde anyday