Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Blog, New Excuses

I made a new blog, and it's actually quite time-consuming to search Twitter (the search function is highly temperamental), so I've been too lazy to post any pics for the past few days.  So please enjoy this momentarily:

Dumb Tweets @ Brands

Imagine how mad this guy is when someone dares to attempt to rip off his nanny when he has tasked her to go buy a laptop!  He must use so many hashtags on meaningless words to convey this! 

Who would have guessed he lives in Manhattan?


Anonymous said...

#this #is #retarded

Auto Title Loans said...

Giving #Newyorkers a #bad #name. Or, just making it extremely evident how they are. Who send their nanny for a laptop?

Wes said...

this is so great, please keep those tweets at companies flying