Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Karoke Bros Catch on Fire

This gif just came to me from Max Wowch, my co-blogger (ew, did I just type that word?) at WRAPAROUNDS! and Not Official Merch.  He asked if I post animated gifs, and I said, not really, but this particular example of the dangers of karaoke must be shown.  If only for the fire-safety precaution.

Btdubs, this image came from, which I don't really know if it'll ever work, but I'm sort of hoping it will because it's an ok idea.  You can find me at


Car Title Loans said...

This is why fire, like driving, shouldn't be done or used when you're drinking. I would love to have heard that conversation the next morning of, "Dude, you burned my scalp."


Anonymous said...

"Dude, where's my scalp?"